About the Book

A fresh look at nutrition and fitness counseling

Nutrition and fitness counseling has changed dramatically over the last few decades. As nutrition and fitness professionals, we no longer provide clients with food lists, meal plans and exercise prescriptions and send them on their way. Within the health field, simply giving advice has been replaced with motivational interviewing (MI), a compassionate, non-judgmental communication style that puts clients in the driver’s seat of their health decisions.

Practitioners skilled in motivational interviewing provide nutrition and fitness counseling that is both directive and client-centered. Clients are invited to explore their ambivalence about making a behavior change and lead the way in devising realistic goals. It's only with genuine client engagement that behavior changes can be individualized for each person.

The truth is, most clients have mixed feelings about making changes to their eating and exercise habits. On one hand, they worry that improved nutrition and physical activity will be tasteless, unsatisfying and strenuous and on the other hand, they want to experience the health benefits and the boost in energy that often accompanies healthy eating and regular exercise. For those reasons, we support inviting clients to come up with small, sustainable changes that enhance life not detract from it. 

The purpose of this website is to support all health care professionals who find themselves assisting clients with changes related to nutrition and physical activity.

We are two dietitians who believe that learning and applying motivational interviewing into counseling sessions can dramatically improve client outcomes and counselor job satisfaction. We’re committed to providing health professionals who counsel clients in nutrition and fitness with the resources they need to become more proficient in motivational interviewing.

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